US-70 over Lake Texoma

Bryan & Marshall Counties

JP 33873(04)

Welcome to the Virtual Public Open House for US-70 over Lake Texoma in Bryan and Marshall Counties, Oklahoma (Roosevelt Bridge). This website will present the findings of ODOT’s study of proposed improvements to the Roosevelt Bridge and US-70 from State Park Road to Johnson Creek Road.

Project Overview Map

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In-Person Public Meeting: July 25, 2023

An in-person public meeting was held on July 25 at 6:00 PM at the Kingston High School Cafeteria, 400 NE 3rd Street, Kingston, OK 🔗. The same information that is on this website was presented at that meeting, and ODOT and Project Team staff were available to answer questions. The deadline for comments was August 10. Comments could be  submitted 🔗 in several ways including on this website, by mail, or by email.

Start Here!

We encourage you to start with the Virtual Tour 🔗 to better understand why ODOT is doing this project and what alternatives are being considered.

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If you would like additional information after viewing the virtual tour, please visit the Supporting Information 🔗 page.

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We Want to Hear from You

Additional information is available on the Supporting Information 🔗 page.


Special Accommodations

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